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Truck Car Park

Pricing and Payment Information

Use this page if you are a company seeking to pre-pay for an employee service, or an individual trying to save time at your visit. Please click the links below to complete your transaction. 

Doctor and Patient

D.O.T. Exam $95

Physical exam including but not limited to: Vitals, Urinalysis, Vision/Hearing. State DMV Submission included. 

Medical form with stethoscope

D.O.T. Drug Screen $60

D.O.T. Urine collection - Results reported within 2-3 days.

Semi-Truck on Overpass

Amarillo College Exam & Rapid Drug Screen $100

For Amarillo College Driving School students. DOT exam and non-DOT rapid drug screen. Drug Screen must be performed within 30 days of program start date. 

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