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Meet Dr. Benson

My goal with Amarillo DOT was to offer drivers a higher standard of care and experience when seeking their medical card. I guarantee your visit will be more efficient, timely, and personable than others. Whether you are a company driver or owner/operator with a team, we have the ability to guide and direct you to optimal, safe, and compliant solutions. 


Thank you for your service as a professional driver! 

God bless, 

Dr. Derek Benson DC, CME, RN, LP

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My Story

Dr. Benson grew up in Houston, TX where he served for several years as a Paramedic. After sustaining an injury working EMS, he benefited from chiropractic care, and decided to utilize his experience to help others through chiropractic. Dr. Benson has served in multiple roles over nearly 19 years in patient and occupational care, and holds multiple licensures as a Chiropractor, Certified Medical Examiner, and Paramedic/RN. Dr. Benson has managed several occupational clients including: Target, HelloFresh, and Kroger/Penske. Dr. Benson utilizes his front-line clinical and clientele experience to guide and direct drivers and companies to success. 


Please reach out if I can be of any assistance!

Office: 806.336.8907

Fax: 806.398.9007

Cell: 469.394.4057

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